The Pallas house imagines and crafts its tuxedo-centered collections in its Paris atelier, in the 9th arrondissement. Since 1960, Pallas has developed an original technique that stems from the codes of the custom-made suit – its signature look. Pallas’s expertise can be found in what has been called “petite couture”. Each piece is entirely handcrafted by a single artisan. In 1991, Daniel Pallas and his partner Véronique Bousquet gave a new breath to the house.
In 2012, their friend Hannelore Knuts inspired them to launch an eponymous tuxedo collection, entirely made in France and created with absolute respect to the codes of the Pallas house by merging tailoring and Parisian savoir-faire. From season to season, Daniel and Véronique have since cooperated with personalities they consider to be “Pallas women”, such as Violetta Sanchez, Allegria Torassa, or Niki Pauls from the Cicciolina Paris collective.

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