Cami NYC

After an extensive search for the perfect silk item, Samantha Steen founded Cami NYC. With a strong background in the fashion industry she created what she missed in her own wardrobe – a classic everyday silk brand. She turns this wardrobe staple into something special. Her lingerie-inspired collection features impeccably cut, versatile pieces that women can truly make their own. The ‘Racer’ style is a favorite of fashion bloggers and model Chrissy Teigen.
With a focus on versatility, CAMI NYC has created pieces for every occasion at any hour of the day, or night. Mix and match it with clothes already in your wardrobe – the point is to integrate, transform and celebrate. The idea is that you can wear your Cami in a variety of ways, with a blazer at work and easily transform your outfit into a after-work look by adding a pair of heels.
”I want consumers to have the power to experiment with their cami” says Steen, ”So, go ahead, be bold with your Cami… or play it safe, just be you and have fun with it!”.  
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